Digital Paintings

Fabricio Marcelo Fazzalari Born on June 12, 1968. Mendoza, Argentina. His first artistic expression began at elementary school, there he likes to draw the flag of his favorite futbol team, BOCA JRS. on each page of his notebooks. (even on toilets seats!). Since his younger sister Gabriela had more variety, richness and talent for drawing in the family, he decides to put visual arts on hold for a while and start looking for his "way" in life. Among other things, later, he discovers that hair-dressing is no more than a hobby and that Sociology could be the way.The "way"? Political and economic changes in Argentina of the new century, pushed him (on his early thirties) and part of his family to emigrate to the United States. Leaving behind studies, this time Philosophy, and a small printing business, which by the way, brought him close to the graphics arts. This approach to the digital arts triggered a "old" obsession of his. In this case not to impulsively draw Boca flags but to dedicate himself to the visual arts. This time again through some courses here and there, about photography, painting and design. But above all, with lots of intuition and the necessity to find a way to cope with this challenge of adapting to a new life led him to push further on his activity in the the visual arts; getting to expose his artwork in such different venues such The "Queens Museum of Art","Local Project" Art-Collective, "Chelsea-Clinton" Health Clinic and various group shows.