Digital Paintings

Artist Statement

Having had early in my life close contact with nature, surrounded by the beautiful mountains in Mendoza, Argentina; I have always felt an unstoppable attraction to nature's multidimensional beauty. From the visual similarity of minuscule particles to large structures; to events in the universe to the steady change and organized chaos of the tantalizing pattern repetition of forms and shapes at both ends of the visual spectrum micro and macroscopefully. It is precisely there, where the abstract image refers to no particular size or scale, where the "detail" decides the fate of the "whole" where the "invisible" reveals itself inside the "visible". There is the place where I decided to take you through my artwork. Curiosity, intuition and my way of "looking" at things are my best allies in my creative process. I usually work on several bodies of work currently. It could be from acrylics to oil or mixed media on paper or canvas, to photography and digital art. Or even using the three mediums to create a single piece of artwork, as in my lightboxes series. Where I take a digital photo of a small portion of one of my paintings and then re-create this image in something absolutely new and different to the original image, but with the same original impulse, sharing the same "DNA". This image is printed on a backlight film which is then placed between plexiglass over a wooden light box.

It is one of my aims to seduce the viewer to take a really close look to my pieces where I put a lot of effort and time to enrich the "details". Through such technique, I try to get people to spend a longer amount of time "looking" at art, by challenging the sense of sight, altering the perception of the modern human manner of looking at things in virtue of speed.

Let me invite you to "slow down" and get physically close to my artwork and allow me to take you to those extremes where nature challenges us to re-consider perceptions, scales, dimensions, appearances and even our "real" place and roles as "human beings" and the consequences we inflict in nature through our acts as "details" of the "whole".